7 September 2021

Congrats to Katharina Voigt who submitted her first paper with our lab yesterday! Kati used partial least squares analysis to examine cognition-connectivity relationships using simultaneous MR-PET. It's available on bioRXiv here.

31 August 2021

Congrats to Rob Di Paolo who passed his 6 month PhD milestone today!

And congrats to lab affiliate, Katherine Huynh, whose protocol paper was accepted today as well! The Editor noted: "Thank you for your protocol paper, this is one of the most complete, well structured papers I've read this year" - great work Katherine!

3 August 2021

Cool new research out by Katharina Voigt! Check out her work on effective connectivity (using dynamic causal modeling) in obesity here

2 August 2021

The parenthood researchers in our group have been at it again! This time Winnie spoke to the Baby Brain podcast, and discussed all things NAPPY and CARE-MAP projects! Exciting opportunity to profile Yash and Chloe's work on non-birthgiving parents. Check it out here:

15 July

🥳🧠👏 🥳🧠👏Announcing that DOCTOR KELSEY PERRYKKAD had her degree conferred today!!

8 July

Yay! Our second manuscript in Scientific Data has been accepted! Super big thanks to Shenjun Zhong, who was instrumental in making this happen. He not only released PET BIDS-compliant reconstructed data prior to the release of the PET BIDS standard, but he also created a BIDS-like standard for listmode PET data! Really cool stuff!

25 June 2021

Congrats to our collaborators at the Tasmanian Healthy Brain Project, James Vickers & Manuela Pietzuch, on publication of their paper on APOE, BDNF, and brain connectivity in Scientific Reports!

17 June 2021

Congrats to our collaborators, Elise McGlashan & Sean Cain from the Turner Institute, who recently published their work "Afraid of the dark: light acutely suppresses activity in the human amygdala". It is available here:

7 June 2021

Congrats to Winnie, who submitted her baby brain cognition paper! The preprint is available on bioRXiv:

1 June 2021

Welcome to Gerard and Navyaan, who will be joining the MetConn team! We're looking forward to collecting lots of data with you!

7 May 2021

Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee has been busy this week! Lots of study approvals coming through! We’ll have details of our new studies on the Research Participation page soon!

30 Mar 2021

🧠 🥳 🥳 Huge news - Kelsey Perrykkad submitted her PhD thesis yesterday!

5 Mar 2021

Congrats to our colleague, Viswananth Sudarshan, who just published his paper on Bowsher prior PET reconstruction in NeuroImage. We look forward to adapting it for our workflow! Also, big congrats to Viswa for his recent successful defence of his thesis.

15 Feb 2021

Welcome to our 4 new Honours students - Yash, Chloe, Taylah and Dylan. We’re looking forward to working with you all this year!

7 Feb 2021

Sharna’s symposium submission to the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping 2021 meeting has been successful! She’s looking forward to talking all about simultaneous MR-PET for imaging human brain function with the international leaders in the field, Andreas Hahn (U Vienna), Christin Sander (MGH) and Jon Shah (Juelich). Sharna will co-chair the symposium with Prof Gary Egan.

3 Feb 2021

Our simultaneous MR-PET of resting functional and metabolic connectivity is out now in Cerebral Cortex. Big thanks to Phil, Emma and Winnie for all their excellent work on this one.

24 Jan 2021

Hearty congratulations to Kelsey Perrykkad, who had her agency paper accepted in Cognition! This paper is a tour de force, combining behavioural measurement of judgements of agency with eye tracking. We’re very pleased to have played a small role in this excellent paper. Great work Kelsey!

4 Jan 2021

We’re excited to welcome our old friend Kati Voigt, who is joining our lab as a Postdoc to have fun with all things MR-PET. Welcome aboard!

18 Dec 2020

Congrats to new students Rob and Georgina on their fully-funded positions as PhD students in our lab! We’re all looking forward to working with you.

15 Dec 2020

After many, many months apart, we were able to have an IN PERSON get together just before xmas! Lovely to see all of your faces in person, for the first time since Feb.

14 Dec 2020

Winnie just won the Monash Neuroscience in a Flash competition! Excellent job!!

3 Dec 2020

Big congrats to Winnie Orchard on taking out 3rd place for her oral presentation at the SOBR meeting. Well deserved - and time for some wine!

3 Dec 2020

Our resident superstar, Winnie, was on Ch7 Sunrise this morning!

2 Dec 2020

Look who’s telling the world about baby brain - Winnie was on Ch10 Studio 10 this morning!

1 Dec 2020

Check out Winnie’s Monash Lens piece, highlighting her excellent work on the neuroscience of parenting.