About Us

We are a group of interdisciplinary researchers at Monash University. Our group includes researchers from across many disciplines, including psychology, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, mathematics, philosophy and the social sciences.

We're affiliated with the Monash University Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, a unique research institute in Australia focused on the themes of developing well, living well, and ageing well.

We're based at Monash Biomedical Imaging, a world-class biomedical imaging facility specialising in interdisciplinary research and multimodal imaging. MBI provides excellent access and support for all of our neuroimaging projects, and we have a close collaborative relationship with the platform Director, Prof Gary Egan, and the MBI Image Analysis Team.

Our work is supported by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function.


Our work is funded by the Australian Research Council and the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council